Life is Funny: Adult comedy book filled with funny short stories about the humorous world we live in


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Life is too serious and too stressful. You deserve a break, so let’s make fun of everything and laugh together.

Life is Funny contains 129 random, ridiculous, and sometimes inappropriate observations about life, people, and the stupid situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis. It will forever change your view on life.

For example, you’ll…

  • Learn how to properly go potty outside the potty
  • Think abstract art is even stupider than you thought it was
  • Understand why being a virgin may be more STD prone than not being one
  • Realize the “A” as in “Apple” pronunciation game can be way more fun
  • Debate whether hibernation or bed rest is the best thing in the world
  • Read it to a kid because there’s a free children’s book in the middle

At the very least, you’ll giggle and forget about how awful the world is.

“It was like finding one more fruit snack wedged in the corner of the wrapper. On top of that, it’s strawberry…Delightful and refreshing.” – Albert Clifford Slater

“The first and only book you should ever read. Hysterical.” – Molly Pitcher

“I read it.” – Art Vandelay